Negotiation techniques

How to convince more than we are convinced.
Throughout our lives, every moment, each of us has a desire, interest or different point of view, often different from that of others. Each of us can convince someone or be convinced of that person. Leading the negotiation process is a key step toward making profit. There are many negotiating techniques that we can learn. From learning and implementing them to achieving the desired results, however, there is a route that requires experience on the one hand, but also the acquisition of those techniques and attitudes appropriate to their own style. How can you choose the best attitude for a successful negotiation today and also the conditions for a rewarding future collaboration? This is where the key to negotiation lies.

Who is it for?
The course is addressed to managers frequently involved in negotiation processes, but also to other people who want to improve their negotiating skills.

Course objectives
Knowledge of the main issues related to the negotiation process
Determining the level of power in negotiation
Acquisition of negotiating techniques and strategies
Assessing your own style of negotiation
Awareness of cultural differences in negotiation
The course modules
The elements of negotiation
Identify personal bargaining style, strengths and areas for improvement
Types of negotiators
Negotiating styles and approaches
Negotiation strategies
Negotiation stages
Negotiating positions
Principles of influence
Avoiding traps in negotiation
Win-win approach
What does a good negotiator mean?
Cultural differences in negotiation