The evolution of COVID-19 pandemic in Romania


  • On September 24th, Romania reports 1,639 new cases of COVID-19 registered in the last 24h. 41 Romanians infected with the novel coronavirus have died, while 506 patients are in intensive care. Overall, 118,054 Romanians have been infected with COVID-19 so far. 94,877 patients were declared cured.
  • Romania and other six EU Member States (Bulgaria, Czechia, Croatia, Malta, Spain and Hungary) are experiencing an evolution of “great concern” and a high mortality risk because of COVID-19, the latest report from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) shows. According to the document, “implementing stricter NPIs (non-pharmaceutical interventions), which proved to be effective in controlling the epidemic in all EU/EEA countries and the UK in spring 2020, appears to be the only available strategy that may be able to ensure a moderate (as opposed to high) impact of the disease on individuals and on healthcare provision.”
  • During a press conference held today, September 24th, Stella Kyriakides, EU Commissioner for Health, urges EU MS to react to the general growth of new cases of COVID-19 as to avoid the situation encountered in Spring 2020. “All member states must be prepared for the immediate implementation of control measures and at the appropriate time at the first sign of possible new outbreaks,” the Commissioner added.



Political and regulatory

  • The Constitutional Court has rejected the Government’s referral on the law rejecting the emergency ordinance stipulating the gradual doubling of the child allowances and ruled that child allowances must be doubled and not gradually increased. President Klaus Iohannis can send the draft bill back to the Parliament to be reexamined in an attempt to postpone its entry into force.
  • PM Ludovic Orban says that Romania may lose the EUR 30 billion budget allocated through the EU Plan for Resilience and Recovery because of the latest decisions to double child allowances and to raise the pension point.
  • President Klaus Iohannis warns that Romania may lose EUR 3 billion cuts from European Funds earmarked for our country and about the relegation of Romania’s country rating because of the amendments to the last budgetary rectification passed by the Parliament on September 22nd.
  • President Klaus Iohannis endorses Nicușor Dan as candidate to the Bucharest City Hall in the local elections scheduled for September 27, after a meeting with Dan and PM Orban held today at Cotroceni.



Impact on the economy

  • The national currency is devalued and registered an all-time low on September 24th to reach RON 4,8722 for one euro, following the Parliament’s vote on the budgetary rectification.
  • An increase by 40% of the pensions along other expenses that do not have budgetary support could lead to a budget deficit of 11%, Cristian Popa, member of BNR’s Board of Directors, said on Thursday at the Summit of Fund Managers of Romania.
  • As of September 24th, payments for considerations for driver licenses and other public services can be made online on Ghiș, ADR announces. In total, over 300 taxes and fees can now be paid online on Ghiș
  • The Government is to discuss a draft GEO amending the Emergency Ordinance on the EUR 1 billion package for SMEs in the sitting scheduled for this evening.
  • A draft GEO granting financial aid to companies whose commercial activity was suspended during the state of emergency and the state of alert established in Romania in 2020 was also included on the Government agenda for today’s meeting
  • A draft Government Resolution amending certain normative acts establishing state aid schemes for sustainable economic development and to support regional investments using new technologies and creating new jobs was included on the Government’s agenda.